From witty banter to steamy scenes, it will be hard to decide which brother - Ethan, Hutton, Bennett - you'll love more!



From New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, comes a ROMANTIC STANDALONE that will have you on the edge of your seat and swooning over this new ALPHA BILLIONAIRE.

Six foot three. Dynamic green eyes. Utterly irresistible.

Ethan Everest stole my breath the first time I saw him. He romanced me with skill, dazzled me with his charisma, and proceeded to steal my heart right after.

I might have fallen for his easy-going smile the first time we met, but I fell for him the second time.

Honey-colored hair. Cherry-kissed lips. Captivatingly gorgeous.

Singer Davis was the first, and only, woman to ever intimidate me. She spoke to my heart with her wit, seduced me with her eyes, and became the only thing that made sense in a world that made none.

I let her slip through my fingers once. I won't make that mistake twice.

Secrets broke us apart. Can a second chance bring us back together?

Bad Reputation

Being bad never felt so good.

Incredible body. Successful. Drop dead gorgeous. 

The first time I laid eyes on Hutton Everest, I knew I was in trouble. I'd never met a man so captivating. He was charming, intelligent, and utterly irresistible. 

Exiled from my country, I was sent to the States to clean up my bad reputation and he became the perfect distraction. But duty called, forcing me to say goodbye.


Being good never felt so bad.

Breathtakingly beautiful. Witty. Mysterious.

I never saw Ally Edwards coming. Blindsided by her beauty, she was like no other woman I had ever met. I was attracted to her mind, and absolutely enamored by the blue-eyed brunette.

The law was laid down, the rules made clear. We tried to be good, to keep our distance, but love doesn't work that way. Once I had a taste of her, I would never walk away. Not willingly. I'll fight for her. 

I'll fight for us to have the second chance we deserve.

This SECOND CHANCE ROYAL STANDALONE Romance by New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, will have you feeling like a Queen of your own fairy tale. One-click this new romance and fall in love while reading.

Force of Nature

On paper, he's perfect. In real life, he's even better.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, S.L. Scott, comes a new compelling Standalone Suspense Romance that has been called "Best of 2019" and "Heart-stoppingly Beautiful."

It was supposed to be easy.

Get in. Get the girl. Close the deal.

But nothing about Winter Nobleman is simple.

Her stormy blue eyes captivate me, her quick wit entertains me, and the secrets she hides behinds her pouty pink Mona Lisa smile intrigue me.

She becomes my mission ... in more ways than one.

Winter is determined to save herself without any help.

Yet somewhere along the way, she ends up saving me.

Even though our introduction was cloaked in deception, secrets don't stay buried forever.

If the lies don't kill us ... the truth may set us free.