The 1st Naturally, Charlie Excerpt is Here

Read all about it. If you've wanted a taste of the book - bigger than an amuse-bouche, but smaller than an appetizer... Well, let me wet your appetite. Here is an excerpt from my book Naturally, Charlie:

I grab my uninteresting meal out of the microwave, and carry it on my oven-mitt-clad hand over to the couch, but I don’t make it there before someone knocks on my door. I detour and look through the peephole. I see him and feel the giddiness bubble up inside. Charlie knows I can see him, because he’s all smiles and funny faces. I unlock the door and open it wide.

“And to what do I owe the pleasure?” I put my free hand on my hip, and sway them with sass.

“I couldn’t wait until Saturday.” He smirks, holding up two white bags in his hands. “I come bearing food.”

“So what you’re saying is that you find me irresistible?” I present my awful, tasteless meal to him. “Anyway, I’ve already got dinner covered.”

He laughs, but says nothing as he walks past me straight into the kitchen.

“And the market on worn-out workout pants,” he says, unpacking the bags on the counter, “but I won’t hold those against you. By the way, that’s not dinner.”

I kick the door shut and lock the deadbolt, following behind him. “Don’t judge my comfy leggings. There are only two holes. And if this isn’t dinner, what is it?”

He looks over the little black bowl of steaming food still sitting atop my mitt-covered palm. “I don’t know,” he replies, scrunching his nose. “But you’re not eating it.” He picks it up and tosses the tray into the garbage can before I have a chance to protest. “I have food. Go sit over there in your holey pants and I’ll serve.”

I’m liking this idea a lot. “Who am I to argue with that?” I toss the mitt over my shoulder without care, and hurry to the couch to wait and be served.

I smile because he makes me want to smile, sometimes too much, making my cheeks hurt. Very much like right now. Flopping onto the couch, I cross my legs like a pretzel. I hear drawers opening and closing, silverware clanging together, and a wine cork pop open.

“You need any help?” I holler because I see him turning in circles looking for stuff.

“I got it,” he says then flashes me a self-assured smile. “Hope you like lo mein.” He hands me a plate along with a fork and napkin. “And I bought a sauvignon blanc because I have no idea what goes with Chinese food, and I like this one.”

“Thank you. This looks great. I’m starved.”

“Dig in.”

When he joins me on the couch, that comfortable silence exists between us again, surrounding us as we eat. But tonight, I find myself wanting so much more, wanting to talk, even if just to joke. He’s quick and clever and makes me laugh.

“Did you know you have a bull’s-eye on your chest?” He lifts his gaze from my chest to my eyes as he takes a bite of the saucy noodles.

“Oh,” I say, looking down at my T-shirt, “it’s from college. My roommate has one, too. We made them as an experiment.”

He chuckles. “I’m sure you proved your hypothesis true if the experiment was to draw every guy’s attention straight to your breasts.”

I cover my mouth with my hand so it doesn’t get ugly when I burst out laughing. After catching my breath, I ask, “So it worked?”

“One hundred percent, baby. By the way, you don’t need a bull’s-eye to get a guy’s attention.”

“Are we still talking science here?”

“Maybe chemistry..."


There you go, folks. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Oh and don't forget to check out the Playlist tab. A Naturally, Charlie Playlist has been created complete with videos and I would love to hear your suggestions to add onto the Readers Playlist for the book

Naturally, Charlie will go on pre-sale in October and is released on November 1, 2012. I hope you consider buying a copy.

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