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**Purrs** He’s awesome, so I hope you do. Cinco de Mayo parties are big here in Austin. Any reason to marg/beer it up and eat Mexican/Texican food is win. My Crow Brothers are Texas boys (Austin). Jack Dalton is from a town just outside Austin (Elgin) and Holliday Hughes is from Houston. And to top it off, The Everest Brothers are also from Houston (they went to school in Austin, which is how they know The Crow Brothers).

Originally from Houston, I'm an Austin transplant. So I imagine we're all eating and drinkin' today. Anywho, long story short, I have a kindle copy of Tulsa (Amazon US only code) to give away in celebration. To enter for your chance to win, CLICK HERE to add this book to your GR TBR and then comment here or on the FB post in my reader group that the deed is done. I'll pick one winner tomorrow 😎

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YOU are the B-E-S-T!

You guys are the B-E-S-T!! One week after release, Tulsa is still holding several bestseller banners. THANK YOU!!! 

If you haven't picked up this bad boy yet, doooo it <3
Take him to bed tonight: 
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