Love is in the Air...

To celebrate this week of romance, there are three great events. The first is that Morning Glory is part of a special promotion with 26 other fabulous books. To honor the special - there is a new lower price of .99 cents starting today through 17th. That's a dollar savings. Go snag your copy along with one of these other books now. />

The second exciting thing I want to share is that Morning Glory has a brand, spanking new outtake that will debut on The SubClubBooks blog this Friday. It's a Valentine's Day outtake from Nick's perspective. So don't forget to visit their love parade on their blog this Friday to get more of Nick.

And lastly, SURPRISE - there will be an extended version of the Morning Glory outtake posted right here on my blog on Friday, the 15th. Three thousand words of wonderful Nick and Hayley as we catch up with them on this special holiday week. Make sure to stop by.

XO, S.