Go Move Mountains

Hi Friends, I would love to have a post with words of wisdom or thoughtful reflections, but as I have no current words of wisdom and I tend to reflect more inwardly than outwardly, I just want to share some simple (although long-winded) thoughts instead. Before I get into the other stuff, thank you for being here. Thank you for your encouragement, your support, for the kind and lovely messages and words. Thank you for being you and being wonderful. Each and every one of you have made 2013 special to me. Thank you <3

New Years 2

2013 was Awesome. Really, it was. So much goodness packed into the last twelve months that it's almost hard to remember it all. With four novels released, two more done or almost done, three novellas published it's been busy. I can't say I'll always be able to publish that many, but I've already got more planned for next year.

Traveling became a priority with signings in Orlando, Las Vegas, Houston, San Diego and a Disney cruise. It was so amazing and I met so many incredible people on my journeys. I have a few planned for 2014 already like Austin, New Orleans, Orlando, San Diego, and a family vacation yet to be determined. I find traveling renews my spirit and expands my mind in the most wonderful way.

In my personal life, 2013 was lucky 13 for me and the sweet hubs. I'm so fortunate to have someone who not only supports me and my dreams but also believes in me so much. My children - what a blessed Mommy I am. I look at these two boys in awe everyday. They're smart and clever and funny. Not only can I see a little of my hubs and a little of me in their sweet faces, but older generations as well. It's just amazing to me how they carry such long forgotten heritage and traits of our ancestors into the future. How cool is that.

My dear family - I love you all. Thank you for being mine <3

My friends are my family too.I'm blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life, some have been here a lifetime, some a few years, and some are new. I love you all. This year holds so many amazing adventure ahead for us.

Resolutions can be tricky. I realized a few years ago that resolutions are set up to be broken and I started just making life goals that weren't attached to the negativity of failing. It's not about one wrong slip and it's all blown. It's about making changes where you can succeed even with a little slip here and there.

A lot of my goals are similar to most peoples, but I do like to add in a challenge here and there beyond the basics, more personalized for me. Here are a few life goals, in no particular order:

~ Get back to exercise. I used to be so good. I need to find my way back

~ Drink more water. Like exercise, I used to be good at this.

~ Spend more time with my family.

~ Organize my home. One room and closet a month.

~ Publish five books. I'm just going for it and hitting this goal hard.

~ Sell movie rights to at least one of my books. This would be a dream come true so I'm putting it out into the universe.

~ Travel for fun and for work.

~ Make a new bucket list and accomplish one thing on it. I felt pretty accomplished after sky-diving which was on my list before. Time to conquer something else.

~ Visit friends more - near and far.

~ Work from a schedule.

So I'm sharing these today and I'll make more along the road of 2014. But whether we accomplish these things or not, won't change who we are and the potential we have inside of us. Just pick yourself up and start anew. The world is ours to find the beauty and reward within. To quote Dr. Seuss ~ Go move mountains.

And as I often say...

Champagne 1


Until 2014,