Comic Con Adventures Part 1

I'm a very lucky girl and had such an amazing time at Comic Con this year. I always love going to San Diego and this event in particular is one of the highlights of the year. I get to visit with friends I haven't seen all year and enjoy geeking out over all the cool panels and sights of the convention. There are so many amazing memories, but I'm gonna only torture you with a few today: In no particular order because everything I did and experienced has such amazingness attached that they were all special to me.

Meeting Simon Pegg was A-MAZ-ING! I'll admit, when I heard he was having a panel for The World's End, I knew I'd be lining up in the wee hours to make sure I got into that panel. I was super excited and have crazy excited eyes in the pic, but I'll take it. lol

Simon_Pegg 1



Any and Every Time I get to spend with Daisy Prescott:




Daisy and Me 1 B

Daisy and Me Panel 1



She just makes everything more fun... even when you've only had 15 minutes sleep on a cold sidewalk outside a convention center.

This was the most fun year yet, my third Con, and I can't wait for Comic Con 2014.

CC Post 2 will include some of yours and mine fave authors as well as George R R Martin. Stay tuned...

Until then, XO,