Truly Unique and Divine! Bad Reputation is exactly what I want in a read - USA Today Bestselling Author, Adriana Locke

I was Captivated! Bad Rep is anything and everything I want in a second chance romance - Bestselling Author, Harloe Rae

Flawlessly written and breath taking!  - GR Review, Stacie

This is one of the best royal books I have read!GR Review, Jennifer


Being bad never felt so good.

I fell for Ally the moment I saw her. Who doesn’t like a confident, intelligent woman with curves I could spend days exploring?

Who am I kidding?

I have.

Many times.

Our story ended abruptly when she packed her bags and left like we weren’t meant to be. We are. So I’m calling her bluff. That’s how I ended up thousands of miles from home, standing next to a man who claims to be her fiancé.

Being good has never felt so bad.

When it comes to a successful man with an incredible body and biteable jaw aka Hutton . . . let’s just say willpower is not my strong suit.

Need more?

Try bad-boy American.

You’re welcome.

Embracing my newfound good girl status, I do the right thing to start my reign. My desires no longer matter. The monarchy, the people, and my country do. There is no place for love in this new life.

But I never expected to see him again, much less standing next to my royally appointed soon-to-be fiancé. 

As if that didn’t complicate things, he’s wearing a perfectly tailored tuxedo and my favorite smirk. I straighten my crown and adjust my dress, realizing this good girl never stood a chance. I’ll take the bad reputation if I get him.

This SECOND CHANCE ROYAL STANDALONE Romance by New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, will have you feeling like the Queen of your own fairy tale. One-click this new romance and fall in love while reading.

~Being Bad Never Felt So Good~

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Comic Con Adventures Part 1

I'm a very lucky girl and had such an amazing time at Comic Con this year. I always love going to San Diego and this event in particular is one of the highlights of the year. I get to visit with friends I haven't seen all year and enjoy geeking out over all the cool panels and sights of the convention. There are so many amazing memories, but I'm gonna only torture you with a few today: In no particular order because everything I did and experienced has such amazingness attached that they were all special to me.

Meeting Simon Pegg was A-MAZ-ING! I'll admit, when I heard he was having a panel for The World's End, I knew I'd be lining up in the wee hours to make sure I got into that panel. I was super excited and have crazy excited eyes in the pic, but I'll take it. lol

Simon_Pegg 1



Any and Every Time I get to spend with Daisy Prescott:




Daisy and Me 1 B

Daisy and Me Panel 1



She just makes everything more fun... even when you've only had 15 minutes sleep on a cold sidewalk outside a convention center.

This was the most fun year yet, my third Con, and I can't wait for Comic Con 2014.

CC Post 2 will include some of yours and mine fave authors as well as George R R Martin. Stay tuned...

Until then, XO,