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A Sweet Treat For You

  Heart shaped candies for Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the mood for love, I wrote something sweet for you this special time of year. It was so much fun to revisit The Resistance's Holliday and Dalton in this fun email exchange between the two. It takes place the very first Valentine's Day after they met.

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S. L. Scott's Newsletter

Hope you enjoy!

S. xoxo

Vday 2016 Image 1

From: Holliday <>

Date: Feb 14 8:45 pm

To: Jack <>

Dear Dalton,

I miss you.

I know you told me not to say that anymore because it makes you sad, but it makes me sad to be spending our first day made for love alone. And since when did I start listening to you anyway? Lol

Sighs I miss you. I miss you so much. I miss your smirky smile and gorgeous eyes. I miss your strong arms and your great abs. God I miss your abs. Don’t go soft on me while you’re on the road. Okay?

But back to this lonely missing business—my body misses yours. My boobs miss your hands. My calves miss your shoulders. My neck misses your caresses. My lips miss your lips. I just miss you completely. Too much. My townhome never felt so empty. You’ve invaded my heart as well as my space, and I love that. Every knock has me hoping it’s you. I’m sure I sound like a heartswoony groupie. I’m sure you’re used to that. Hopefully not TOO used to it though.

On a positive, I have a new favorite pastime. Did you know you have an unauthorized biography for sale? It’s true. You do. And it’s hot. I might have bought it… Okay, fine. I did. I totally bought it.

Oh and just to add insult to injury, I ordered it through Prime. Sorry about supporting the shady publication of a unscrupulous paparazzo monger, but have you seen it? Like I said, it’s SO hot! And before judging me, please refer to the aforementioned missing you part of this email. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that.

This book though. This book is amazing. It’s got all of these incredible photos of you, in at least half you are shirtless… it’s very entertaining and extremely sexy. Page 147 had my full attention last night and I was inspired. Page 216 slept next to me. You might be wondering at this point, so I’ll just say this is no ordinary coffee table book. It’s Johnny Outlaw sex-personified. RAWR!

On a side note—on page 78 you wear a pair of leather pants that really highlight your ASSets nicely. Please tell me you still own them. I’m gonna need you to wear those just for me one night. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine. I know how much you like it, since that is what caught your attention in the first place.

So I just turned the page, and as I stare down at a photo of you strumming your guitar backstage in some city, I miss you. I miss you so much and wish you were here strumming your guitar for me.

I should probably go and send this email before the merlot wears off. I’m sure I’ll be terribly embarrassed by this book obsession confession in the morning, but for tonight, I’ll snuggle it close remembering how you hold me close.

Come back to me soon.


Jack Dalton’s Biggest Groupie,




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Amazon's Kindle Daily Deal

Pretty blond woman reading a book
I wanted to let you know about a great sale happening TODAY ONLY.
If you haven't read the bestselling Until I Met You, it was chosen by Amazon for a Kindle Daily Deal today and they put it on sale - One Day Only for .99.
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2015 A Few of My Favorite Things

Winter Blue Pine Background Happy Holidays!

This post has become something I have done for years now and it's always fun to do and narrow down to those few things that make me smile and happy, make my life easier and/or cozier, better all around. I don't like to bog it down with a million things because let's face it, there are TONS of awesome items out there, but these through this year, are a few of my favorite things.

*In no particular order

1. Sherpa Throw

I just bought this as part of the holiday collection from Target and there is already a household battle for it. This blanket is the perfect cozy throw to cuddle under this winter on the couch. The design is perfect for my red theme holiday decor but will easily go for the rest of winter. It also comes in other designs, so no fear if you don't like this one or this color. They show only two on this link, but if you search throws, there are more. $19.00 Here is the link: Target Blanket


2. Kate Spade Gold Bow Earrings and Caged Bird Bracelet

I bought these two items in October and absolutely I adore them. I wore them both to the Philly signing in November. S. L. Jennings was wearing the same earrings in silver - How cool is that! I think these earrings are beyond adorable, they're also very classic and refined. They can be worn with jeans and sweater or a fancy dress. I've worn them with both and just love the look of them. They make me feel pretty and who doesn't want to feel pretty. The bracelet has sentimental meaning for me. I have two books that touch on the caged bird theme so when I saw this bracelet, I just had to have it. It's two love birds inside, solid in weight, which I love. And how it goes on is great in design. Both are sold out on the Kate Spade website but easily found on others like Amazon and in different colors. Prices vary. Bracelet  Earrings

FullSizeRender 71

3. Kindle Paperwhite

I still shout from the rooftops every chance I get about this product. It's made my Favorites list for several years running for a reason. It's awesome. It's the best Kindle and ereader out there in my opinion. I've spent many a night over this past year reading in bed while the hubs quietly snoozed beside me and I never had to worry about waking him up by an annoying lamp being turned on a screen blinding him. The backlight is adjustable and awesome for indoors and out. Which seems to be the big divider when it comes between reading on this device and a tablet. This screen is matte and doesn't reflect the sun when outside, so you can comfortably read lounging on the beach in full sun or inside. I love my Paperwhite and purple case. $119 Paperwhite

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.37.16 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.38.47 PM

4. Totes the Goat - Free Game on the IOS App Store

Seriously cute game that I got for my kids on my iPhone but have played many times myself. They've now downloaded it onto their iPad too. It's FREE, great for all family members, and super FUN. Oh and the other characters, especially Oats the baby Goat are adorable. Look how cute. Check it out here: Totes the Goat

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.20.02 PM


5. La Croix - Passionfruit

Okay, this may seem like a strange thing to add, but it's delicious and zero everything in it so not bad for you. Just give it a try. Mmmmm $5 or under


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.25.41 PM

6. Vikings/Ragnar Wine Glass

This glass was a gift from Susan Rayner and Adriana Locke. We all three share a love for the show Vikings and have many a chat and gif session about it. My personal fave character is King Ragnar. This glass showed up one day and I was like, "Where have you been all my life?" I kissed it. Yes, I kissed Ragnar. I love this glass and use it regularly. I also love that you can get your own personalized glass with any design from Rebecca Parker, who made this one. Prices vary. Check out her inventory or create your own. Here's her FB link: Glasses

FullSizeRender (1)

Winter Blue Pine Background

Now that I've shared a few of my favorite things that I already own, here's a small wish list of mine that I've made for my family this holiday season:

1. The Amazon Echo - I'm still not entirely sure of all the things this thing can do, but some of the basic things, I'm all for and want. *gets all grabby hands* It's listed at $179, but has gone on sale several times for $30 off. I'm thinking we might see another sale by the end of the year. Amazon Echo 

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.26.59 PM

2. Oven Mitts - I know. I know. This is the most boring... okay, almost most boring gift ever, but for some reason I never think to buy new ones and mine are like 10 years old and worn out. lol

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.27.37 PM

3. Okay, this I got. Yep, my phone was old and some things were not working how they should so I treated myself to a new Rose Gold iPhone 6s during the Black Friday sales. I'm in love so far. I don't carry a purse much so I'm a little worried about when I go out on the town next and if it will fit in my pocket or whatever small money holder I take, but I guess we shall see. Loving it so far and it's pretty. Phone

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.32.46 PM

4. I'm a big giftcard person. I love them. I do. Here are some I've put on my Christmas list:

-Nordstrom for Nordstrom Rack




5. Hand Massager

Legit for my hands. I hear it really does helps with tired wrists, carpal tunnel, and tired muscles. It's on my wish list for sure. This one is from Sharper Image. Buy Here

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.35.15 PM


What are some items on your Wish List? What do you have already on my lists and love or what do you desire?


Have a great one,

Suzie <3

Winter Blue Pine Background

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy December, greeting card Happy December! 

There are so many things happening that I'm excited to share. Hope you continue reading until the end of the post. But first, I hope you're well. this year has just been so awesome and crazy busy. How has your year been?

Let's start with Until I Met You. Until I Met You was written from the depths of my soul. The words poured out of me and these characters just came alive in my heart. They shattered me into a million pieces and then healed my soul. If you've already met Hazel & Jude, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for the lovely support you've shown me.

If you haven't had a chance to meet these star-crossed lovers, you can pick up your copy for FREE if you are part of Kindle Unlimited reader's program. OR it's only $2.99 right now on Amazon. You can score your copy here: Until I Met You on Amazon


From New York Times Bestselling Author, S. L. Scott, comes this stand-alone romance.Their love burned bright, white hot, and strikingly blue around the edges.

Some thought them careless.

Some thought them crazy.

No one approved.

Taylor Barrett was looking for answers in a universe that had abandoned him.

Jude Boehler flooded her dark world with charisma and mystery, drawing everyone into her hurricane.

It was a most captivating of love affairs. They were shooting stars, meteors in the sky, colliding to create a spectacularly wonderful reckless romance, leaving them breathless and tethered.

Their souls were exposed to the chaos, bare and vulnerable. Can these two star-crossed lovers survive the madness that is life?

See what Amazon reviewers are saying:
"Wow! I am utterly and completely blown away by this book. It is refreshing and unique; unlike anything I've read all year!" ~ Amy from Once Upon A Book Blog
"This book is just phenomenal. Epic Romance. It was utterly stunning." ~ Book Reviewer 
"It was so refreshing to read such an original story! I have never read anything like it and it totally sucked me in." ~ Erica M."Wow!! What a journey! S. L. Scott has outdone herself! This book was so different from anything I've read." Amanda D.

"This is real love. Complicated, hard, happy and funny. This was a perfect emotional release and escape." ~ Tiana J. Review, GR

"The epic love story of two people that should never make sense and do. I could explain why writing those words brings tears to my eyes. How through the words of S.L. Scott I believe. S.L. Scott makes me believe - love is sad, love hurts, love is pure, and love is true." ~ Andrea J. GR

"Until I Met You is the perfect balance of heart-breaking reality coupled with romantic optimism. Scott's ability to craft visual imagery is similar to a love that lingers - a feeling not confined to the fictional pages of a story." ~ Ashley Pullo, Author
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Take care and Happy Holidays!