Game of Thrones and Meeting George RR Martin


I have been a HUGE Game of Thrones fan from the first episode. We watched it on premiere night not knowing what was ahead, but totally addicted. Here we are 8 seasons and 72 episodes later, still addicted, anxiously waiting the very last episode tonight.

A little story for you - I’ve been fortunate enough to meet George R.R. Martin twice and both times he was funny and having a great time as well as kind to take pics and talk with everyone.

One morning he was eating breakfast at the same restaurant we were and I thought it would be funny to have the server send him a note. After much laughing, we decided that might not be as funny to him, and to let him be.

George R.R. Martin and Me.jpg

That night we were at a party with him and we’re chatting. I told him the story about the note, which I had in my pocket, and showed him. He laughed and then being superstitious handed it back. lmao

I found the note today - maybe there is a little superstition involved as we watch the finale today. Above are the pics from our meetings. Below is the note.


Dare to Dream in the New Year!

Happy New Year's Eve.

I wish you happiness, good health, and prosperity in the coming year. I wish you supportive family, friends who have your back and lend an ear, and a bountiful year of hugs. I wish you peace at night and carefree days. But most of all, I wish you love of yourself, others, and that you be loved fiercely right back <3

2019 is going to be an amazing year. Let's make it great together!


A Million Things to Do *takes a breath*

I have a million things on my TO DO  list for today. It's not unique in that way. Unfortunately most days are the same. I'm sure you experience this quite often or everyday as well. This morning I woke up and my mind started to tick through the list, wondering where to start first, what will be next, and if I'll even get half of it done.

You know what I did?

I made my coffee, put some of the perfectly ripe strawberries in a bowl, sat down, and enjoyed ten minutes of this glorious Saturday. Maybe I could have marked something off my list in that time or maybe not. What I do know is that the strawberries are juicy and the coffee perfect, the sun is rising and the list will still be there. So why not take a few minutes each day to appreciate a moment of peace before we throw our minds and selves into the chaos of another busy day?

I'm in Austin, so the strawberries are still growing strong in our Central Texas sun. They're probably still readily available in your area as well. Grab some before they're gone. Oh and maybe I should make strawberry daiquiris this evening. An ode to the berry in another form. ha!

Happy Saturday!