Besties & Books - Ilsa Madden-Mills & Tia Louise - & a Giveaway 🎁

Hellooooo, I’ve been bursting at the seams to share this new segment that I’ll be doing every so often. It’s called Besties & Books. We talk to two besties who read the same book and then do a short, but fun interview afterward.

In my very first edition, I am so fortunate to have WSJ, NYT, and USA Today best-selling author, Ilsa Madden-Mills, and USA Today best-selling author, Tia Louise. I have adored these women not only as the magnificent storytellers they are, but as incredible people. I’ve also been lucky to have spent time with them. Trust, me they are lovely and funny. So damn funny.

In this edition of Besties & Books - this dynamic duo talks about sexy royals, baggie shirts, and their poison… er, caffeine drink, of choice. After reading, make sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win prizes.

And on with the fun . . .  

1. Ally and Hutton first meet on Halloween. If you wanted to catch Hutton Everest’s eye at a costume party, what would you wear?

ILSA - A freaky clown. There’s no way I’d wear a sexy Halloween outfit!

TIA - I don’t know… I might try the Cinderella routine. I think he’s hot.

2. Share a favorite quote and why did you highlight it.

ILSA - “I don’t know how much more I can take of this torture. She’s so close. But just out of reach.” Swoon at the angst…

TIA - “You tell me we can't be together like I can walk away unscathed. Like I can somehow forget that this fire between us hasn't burned my soul to ashes already.” … Ahh, my heart!

2. What character did you connect with/relate to the most and why?

ILSA - Hutton. He’s always upfront and honest and says what he’s thinking…

TIA - I’m going to say SAME on this one…

3. Your princess name is determined by your favorite flower, day of the week you were born, and your first pet’s name. What is your majesty’s name?

ILSA - Gardenia Tuesday Taffy

TIA - Peony Thursday Rusty … Okay, that’s weird.

4. Which of your female characters would make a magnificent Queen? And who would make the best King?

ILSA - Nora and Leo from Very Bad Things

TIA - Well, duh, Cal and Zelda from THE PRINCE & THE PLAYER… Actually, Cal walks away from royal life because Zelda can’t hack it… so maybe I should stick with the actual King and Queen, Roland and Ava… lol!

5.  Do you know what TIA dresses like when she is in full writing mode?

ILSA - Sweats and baggy shirts. Then she’s goes jogging.

TIA - This is true… except I’m in leggings and baggy shirts. And my Mr. Rogers sweater b/c it’s freakin freezing up here! Ilsa, by contrast, is in her adorable blouse she got from Stitch Fix, leggings, and her leopard flats. She’s fancy like that.

6. What is your favorite Tia/Ilsa book?

ILSA - Our book together…The Last Guy!

TIA - I kind of have a soft spot for our other co-written book THE RIGHT STUD… those guys… sigh.

7. When is your next book coming out?

ILSA - April 2019

TIA - Hurries to write this on her calendar… lol!

8. What/who inspired you to start writing?

ILSA - I’ve always wanted to as long as I can remember.

TIA - I don’t really know… I just picked up the pen one day as a little kid and started writing stories and giving them to my bestie, who is now an artist. She’d illustrate them. We still have those old “books”… they’re HILARIOUS.

Speed Round:

1.    Bad Boy Prince or Good Guy King?

ILSA - King

TIA - Bad Boy Prince Cal… duh

2.   Castle in Europe or Beach house in Hawaii?

BOTH - Beach house (said at the same time)

3.   Prince William or Prince Harry?

ILSA - Harry 

TIA - I’m a weirdo. I kind of like Wills best

4.   Vanilla or Chocolate?

BOTH - Chocolate (again, at the same time)

5.    Ever After or Princess Bride?

BOTH - Prince Bride (duh)

6.   Tea or Coffee?

BOTH - Coffee (high five)

7.   Tattoos or Piercings?

BOTH - Tattoos (shrugs)

8.   Morning Person or Night Owl?

ILSA - Morning 

TIA - Night Owl

9.   Pop, Rock, or Country?

ILSA - Pop 

TIA - Can I say all? I kind of listen to everything.

10.  Big city or small town?

BOTH - City

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Stay tuned for more Besties & Books coming soon-ish.