A Naturally, Charlie Holiday Gift for You

Books make great gifts and I'd love if you'd consider giving Naturally, Charlie to your friends and family, and even yourself. I have two fun offers for the holiday season. Paperbacks ~

For every book you buy, I'll send you two signed bookmarks, one for you and one for the person you are giving the book to. All you have to do is contact me at and send me your address.

Ebooks ~

If you buy Kindle versions, just press 'Give as a Gift' button, enter their email address and voila, it will send the book to them. I can send a personalized message and electronic signature to you and the gift recipient via

If you buy Nook, iBook, or Kobo versions, I can send an email with a Naturally, Charlie ePostcard with a personalized message to the person you are gifting the book to even if it's a treat for yourself. I'll also honor this option for Kindle versions if you prefer this over the authorgraph option.

I'll be offering this all December, but get those orders in now. Please and thank you and Happy Holidays and I wish you all that wonderful spirit of the season goodness.

Buy your copy of Naturally, Charlie today


***The Fine Print***

1) You must be able to prove the purchase if necessary - no personal data such as financial payment information is needed, but a name and copies may be needed for verification.

2) This offer is currently only open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

3) This offer only applies to purchases made within the month of December 2012.

Take care,