A Few of My Favorite Things - 2013

In this holiday season we tend to put everyone else before ourselves. I know I fall to the end of the line, even to the point of being able to create Christmas lists for everyone in my family much easier than for myself. Well today I realized that I need to start thinking about what I might like for Christmas. My lists always tend to be a mix of what I want and a few things I need. If you f ind yourself lacking ideas and/or want to steal a few of my tried and trues, here are a few of my favorite things: 1. Clarisonic Mia 2 ($150 - pricey) - I love love love this little cleaning tool. After months of use, it still feels like a mini trip to the spa for my face. I also use it on my neck and collarbone area. The great thing is you can use your normal cleansing product. *Whispers* You don't have to use the expensive stuff.

2. Onion Glasses($19.99 but use your Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons for a discount) - Yep, you read this right. I love onions, but I also have sensitive eyes. One trick I learned to rid the air of gas when cutting onions is to burn a candle next to the cutting board. This does work, but because my eyes burn like the five fires of Hades when I cut them, I have Onion Glasses. Silly on, but the totally work. They're awesome, in fact. I have them in fashionable pink.

3. Kindle Paperwhite ($119- 139 pricey) - I love my Kindle Paperwhite and spent months researching online and polled everyone about e-readers so I got the right one for me. The reason I love this one is because it's backlit which is great for those nights you can't sleep and don't want to  turn on the lamp to read. And/or you are reading an amazing book, but you have to get some sleep - when you wake up randomly in the night, you can sneak in a chapter or two without disturbing your significant other with bright lights. Also, the reason I chose this Kindle is it's not hooked up to my social networking like FB and Twitter. I'm on my computer all day long. When I get the chance to read, which isn't that often, I want to wind down and read.

4. Popsugar Box ($40- 404) -my friend Daisy Prescott gave me a month for my birthday and I loved it. It's like getting a box full of surprises each month that you subscribe. It's filled with all kinds of goodies and not necessarily goodies you would buy for yourself but goodies that you love so much that it makes you realize you should treat yourself more. It's that good.

5. Smith's Rosebud Salve ($4- 8) - I've used this for years. It started as a treat I wanted to give myself and then I was hooked. I use it on my lips every morning after brushing my teeth and at night before bed. I was drawn to it for the old-fashioned tin and the very light scent. You can also use this as a moisturizer.

6. Stila StayAll DayLiquid Eyeliner ($20) - I've tried the cheaper versions with similar shape, but they all fail in comparison to this one so I just treat myself to the best one. The shape of the pen makes it easy to use and the color goes on smoothly.  It's pure win.

7. Jane Tran Bobby Pins ($10- 12) - These came in my Popsugar Box for October and I love them. They are pretty and also fit snuggly to your head to keep those fly-aways at bay.

8. Super soft/super cozy socks($4 -7) - I wear these socks all the time right now because Texas is unseasonably cold and I'm just not built for freezing temps. These socks make cute stocking stuffers too. I just treated myself to a pair the other day from Old Navy that have a cute dog wearing glasses on them. Who can resist animals in glasses. Can't wait to wear them.

9. Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels ($3.49) - If you follow me online then you probably know I have an addiction to these. I buy 4 bags at a time since I don't get over to TJ's that often. They're that good. I have fears about running out of them. haha They're delish. Trust me.

10. Books (Free - $8.99) - Did you know you can gift ebooks on Amazon and Barnes & Noble? You can, which also means you can list your most anticipated reads on your Christmas List as well. All the gift-giver will need is your email address. It's that easy.


Here's what's on my Christmas List this year

1. Cast Iron dutch oven ($30 - 350) - My heart goes to the original of Le Creuset, but actually I'm not that picky. Martha Stewart and others make great versions that cost a fraction of the Le Creuset price.

2. Popsugar Box - 3 month subscription

3. Perfume - I'm loving both Kate Spade Live Colorfully and Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede right now. I'm happy with either.

4. A flat whisk. I know it's not exciting to most, but having 1 or 2 of these will totally rock my whisk loving world.

5. I love jewelry, so yeah, anything in this area makes me happy. There's this cute little Texas necklace I've listed:

6. Gift cards/gift certificates. Coffee, itunes, the stores I like, massages and more. I love all of them.

I always struggle to come up with a lengthy list and then my family finds things like whisks I've listed and yeah, not the most exciting for them to buy. But sometimes the simple things that make our lives easier, even if just scrambling eggs, are the best gifts.

I'd love to hear your list of favorite things as well as the special things you're hoping Santa brings you this year.