Game of Thrones and Meeting George RR Martin


I have been a HUGE Game of Thrones fan from the first episode. We watched it on premiere night not knowing what was ahead, but totally addicted. Here we are 8 seasons and 72 episodes later, still addicted, anxiously waiting the very last episode tonight.

A little story for you - I’ve been fortunate enough to meet George R.R. Martin twice and both times he was funny and having a great time as well as kind to take pics and talk with everyone.

One morning he was eating breakfast at the same restaurant we were and I thought it would be funny to have the server send him a note. After much laughing, we decided that might not be as funny to him, and to let him be.

George R.R. Martin and Me.jpg

That night we were at a party with him and we’re chatting. I told him the story about the note, which I had in my pocket, and showed him. He laughed and then being superstitious handed it back. lmao

I found the note today - maybe there is a little superstition involved as we watch the finale today. Above are the pics from our meetings. Below is the note.