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Athena Stephenson

Cindy M. Green

Heather Bass

Karen Koo

Jillian Kerr

Kayla Davis

Mel Mihitsch

Karin Gesell-Miller

Melissa Rife

Mirele Duorado  Pauly

Paulette Hess

Phuong Richardson

Rhonda Ziglar

Selena Scott

Roxane LeBlanc

Sonia Chapple

Spela Oven Kaltenekar

Stephanie O'Rourke

Tracey Walters

Trish Sutherland

Valeen Robertson

Vanessa Chavez

Rebecca Hayes

Terry Basden

Jennifer Kress

Anna Fay

Sherrie Sym

Rose David

Barbara Lack

Stacie Christensen

Melanie Helms

Jessica Eaves

Michelle Clay

Nancy Freedman

Lisa Marie Barrera

Lisa Reynolds

Lulu Dumonceaux

Michele Ficht

Congratulations Again! I can't wait for you to meet Rivers and Stella. Grab your heart and buckle up for this romantic suspense ride.