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I’m better off without her.

The words come easier these days. I used to mentally stammer over the lies even if I wasn’t voicing them out loud. I thought it would become second nature to tell myself she was wrong for me. I invented little things that drove me mad. Her hair was a tangled mess when she woke in the morning. In the evenings, she took a bath and read a book to escape into, which helped her decompress from the day.

She was a beautiful fucking mess of emotions, probably like a lot of teenage girls when they’re becoming women. What am I thinking? I loved every fucking one of those emotions and remember the whirlwind of them like they were today, or yesterday.

It wasn't.

Five years have flown by, but this knot in my chest never loosens. Will I ever be free from these memories? Free like she is from me?

“I’m better off without her.” I repeat the lie, hoping to believe it one day, but the words are bitter on my tongue, such a contradiction to how sweet the memories taste.

Please add Rivers to your GR: