Tulsa Teaser & Excerpt - Tulsa will be here May 3rd

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Okay, here goes . . .

Nikki's POV:

<The first line is Tulsa speaking>

“You’re so hot for me the sexual tension is palpable. You’ve got a wild side buried beneath that uptight image you’re projecting. But like any good wizard knows, it’s not what’s in front of the curtain. It’s what’s hidden behind it.”

“Hot for you?” I scoff, but even he can tell it’s fake. I don’t even bother adding to this ridiculous discussion. I do not find his quips or his innuendoes cute. He’s annoying, and his good looks and badass drumming can’t save him in my eyes.

He will never get in my bloomers, so there’s no point even talking about this anymore. I start back for the terrace, but stop dead in my tracks when he says, “ Never say never, sweetheart.”

I whip around to see his eyes on my ass, sliding up to meet the ire on my face. “Never.”