Meet Your Next Rock Star Boyfriend!

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From New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, comes a hot new rock star romance that will sweep you off your feet and leave you with a smile.

The rumors are true. At least where I’m concerned.

Drummers hit it harder and do it better.

Women love me and I love them. But I like to think of myself as a sensitive soul trapped in a lady-killer’s body. Not so surprisingly, I’ve been called cocky a time or two. What can I say? We can’t all be boy scouts.

Nikki Faris has thrown off my rhythm. With her red lips, smart aleck mouth, short skirts, long legs, and blue-sky eyes, the beautiful lead singer has become a complete distraction on this tour.

She loves to give me a hard time when all I want to do is give her the pleasure of my hard—time right back.

Tulsa Crow can save his pick up lines, great eight-pack abs, and cute dimples to use on someone else. My band earned their spot on The Resistance’s tour just like The Crow Brothers. I’m not going to blow it getting sidetracked by a cocky rock star that wants to sleep his way through the states. I’ve been called a name or two, but easy isn’t one of them.

But the best intentions with him turn into a walk of shame for me. Only, I don’t feel shame. Instead, I’m doing the very thing I said I wouldn’t—falling for a playboy.

We make sinful music when we’re on the road, but what happens to our melody when the tour ends?

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Only 9 Days Away!

Are you ready to meet The Crow Brothers? I am so excited to share this story with you, so I pulled an little excerpt to whet your whistle (below the graphic).

Save the Date - February 22nd, 2018

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He’s been nicer than I expected. A motorcycle further down the alley roars to life and I look up. “I should go.”

“I’ll walk you. Where are you parked?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“I know you will be, but humor me, Hannah.”

I exhale, the pressure of this dreaded conversation feeling more like it’s over as we stroll toward the street ahead. I shouldn’t like how much I like seeing him again, but I’ve thought of him so much, so many times over the last six months. The way he playfully bit the tips of my fingers when I fed him Cheetos and then licked the orange dust from them. His kisses on the back of my neck seared my skin that night, and now each place his lips touched still warms under the memories. The image I’ll never forget is when I sat in my car and looked back. He shared his soul in that exchange, wide open to be accepted or rejected. It pained me to leave, but I was in no condition to stay.

In the dimly lit bar and dark of his bedroom is one thing. Seeing the real me, the damaged parts, in the light of day is another.

I’ll take this walk with him. It’s more for me, so I slow my pace wanting to savor every second of something I now know can never be. “I’m parked around the corner.”

We don’t talk, the weight of reality escorting us along the way. When we reach my car, I step off the sidewalk, but stop before opening the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jet.”

He’s a musical god I once prayed to by tasting his skin as he came on mine.

Tonight though, standing before me is not the man I saw on stage six months ago or an hour earlier. He’s not that guy who got drunk on whiskey and wine just to have what I was having and then charmed me right into his bed.

In the wee hours of a Thursday in Austin, a man with flaws and feelings that seem to be restrained in the hard muscles of his build has been given a choice to make, one that will change his life and mine forever. I worry what he’ll decide, and what I could lose, but I say what I feel because his kindness deserves a return, “Thank you for walking with me.”

“No problem.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jet.”

 “Tomorrow . . .” he sounds as if he wants to say more, but doesn’t, so I get in my car and start the engine.

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