Drunk on Love Special Holiday Price

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From New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, comes this downright delicious peek into the male anatomy... er, mind of Hardy Richard.

There are only two rules:

1. Don't get too close.

2. Don't fall in love.

Correction: Don't ever fall in love. I don't need the baggage of relationships. Life should be simple, easy, uncomplicated.

The problem I'm faced with is, if I really believe life should be that easy, that uncomplicated, and that simple, then why am I still thinking about a woman I met on a random Monday at the bar? A girl who was never a Gimlet, and always a Paloma. Yep, I called it all wrong last night and I'm starting to wonder if my heart will pay the price.

I might have broken rule number one, but rule number two remains firmly intact. For now. Sort of. Okay, maybe rule two hasn't been broken, but it's definitely been bent.

"Hardy is my Favorite HERO in a rom-com. Drunk on Love is sexy, fun as hell and one entertaining romantic comedy." ~ Amy, Once Upon a Book Blog

"Boldly smart and sassy characters." ~ GR Review

"What a fun, sexy, sweet romance! SL Scott made me fall HARD for Hardy!!!" ~ GR Review

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